35x38cm Camping Satellite dish

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35x38cm Camping Satellite dish - Suitable for caravan

Perfect also for installers!
Supplied with a hard plastic cardboard for both dish and bracket

Offset Angle (o) 24.62
Diameter (cm) 35.0 x 38.5
Focal Length (cm) 21.0/17.5
S-BAND Gain @2.5GHz -
C-BAND Gain @4.0GHz -
KU-BAND Gain @12.5GHz 32.08dB ± 1dB
Elevation angle range (o) 0-90
Azimuth (o) 0-360
Aperture Efficiency 75%
F / D ratio 0.6/0.5
Paint (Polyester Powder) v
Colour (Grey/Cool Grey) v
Pole diameter Acceptable (mm) 25-48
Ambient Temperature -40 oC ~ +60 oC
Relative Humidity 0~100%
Net Weight (Kg) 1.7kg
Material Steel