80cm Mesh Offset Dish White

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80cm Mesh satellite dish
- White color


Description of 90cm Mesh Dish

Good perforated satellite dish for areas with strong winds


technical specifications

      80cm Hi-Gain Dish
      Material: zinc phosphate steel with polyester powder coating
      Color: Dark Gray
      Small shaft Diameter: 71cm
      Long shoulder Diameter: 79cm
      Pole Mount / Mast Diameter: 35-65mm
      Offset Angle: 25.60 °
      Amplification (10.7 GHz) 38.9 dB
      Amplification (11.7 GHz) 37 dB
      Amplification (12.7 GHz) 39.8 dB
      Operating Wind 90Km / Hr
      Survival Wind 150Km / Hr
      Weight: 2.65kg
      Installation instructions