85cm Emme Esse Satellite dish with ice-cold heating system

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Emme Esse - 85cm - Made in Italy

VSAT Dishwasher with ice-cold heating system made in Italy.

VSAT satellite dish (with very small aperture) M Series: for two-way communication via satellite from remote terminals to a central hub or to other devices without a link to the terrestrial network. Very strong and completed in high corrosion resistance endurance metal, these dishes are produced with fully automated equipment that guarantees an optimal working environment precision providing excellent performance combined with a definitely competitive cost. The assembly system is studied to cut installation time and make points easier. Available in the same package or bulk. The VSAT deicing dishes, supplied with carbon fiber heaters with temperature display automatic adjustment, are ideal for installations in ice-formation and / or snow areas, increase operational efficiency and ensure the working environment of the unit even in adverse weather conditions. The deicing unit also warms the LNB area. The neoprene power cord can be connected and delivered with IP68 connector. They are delivered in the same package only. Power supply: 220Vcc Heat regulator: 5 ° C (on request) Power: 8SW Degree of insulation: IP67 CE
Square arm.

Emesse High Quality Steel Square
Fat dimension (external) (mm)

Diameter Ø     Material      Gain RX at 12,75 Ghz dB

      Gain TX at 14 Ghz dB     

Mast fixing Ø mm        Lnb fixing Ø mm  

      85                     steel                           39,1                               39,5                                 30...60                        
23 - 40