DN 2-Way Hi Iso DiSEqC Switch

Product Code:501ECTOPT
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2in / 1out DiSEqC 2.0 switch for 2 satellite positions and 1 subscriber, equipped with by-pass for terrestrial band from input A. It is designed for switching between 2 multiswitches, using command "Position" (type S2 / 1ECTpos-1 receiver setting A / B) or "Option" (type S2 / 1ECTopt-1, receiver setting A / C). Version "Position" is preferred as an addition to an existing non-DiSEqC multiswitch (for 1 LNB), for switching between DiSEqC multiswitches (for 2 LNBs), version "Option" is required.
Note: use switch S4 / 1PCT-W2 if total number of received satellites exceeds 4.

Tags: DN 2-Way, Hi Iso, DiSEqC Switch