DN 4-Way DiSEqC Switch Terr/SA

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- DN DiSEqC Switch Terrestine Combiner - 4in / 4ut & 1 Terrest

Four-way Satellite & Antenna Combiner 5in / 4out (Quadruple TERR and SAT Combiner), Good for connecting 4st (LNB) micro wave head (or a Quad LNB) with a terrestrial antenna.
Designed for adding terrestrial signals to all outputs of Quad LNB or 4LNB.

Frequency range: Sat. 950-2300 MHz, Terr. 5-862 MHz
Insertion loss: Sat 5 dB avg, Terr. 8 dB avg
Isolation between set inputs: 25 dB min
Temperature range: -30 ~ +70 ° C

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