Gefen HDMI Splitter 1IN / 8UT

Product Code:GEFHDM8
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- HDMI Splitter
- 1in / 8ut

This is how it works

HDMI Splitter is connected via an HDMI cable from HDMI video source to HDMI splitter input. Each output is connected to an HDMI monitor. The power is connected and all connected screens display an exact copy of the video signal input to the partition.

Note: This HDMI product supports both audio and video signals.

Any display that can not display the same video resolution (s) as the primary monitor connected to output # 1 may fail to display an image. Secondary displays follow the primary by dividing the resolution and ability information (EDID) obtained from the primary display.


Lip sync Pass Through
225 MHz (up to 12 bits YUV 444 supported @ 1080p)
Deep Color Supported (XV Color Supported)
Color space is supported
Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master are supported
CEC Pass Through