Headphones KIT RECEIVER + Transmitter Line-in + USB, 2.4GHz Wireless Audio Kit digital

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Product Description

The digital wireless audio kit TS1.1 LU can transmit an audio signal with high fidelity anywhere wirelessly.
Just connect the transmitter, through the appropriate line-in port or USB to an audio source (computer, TV, stereo Hi-Fi, MP3 player etc. ...). The receiver allows you to easily change and fast the signal source (up to 4 different channels) and then bring the audio signal to the wireless receiver connected to the headphones.
When connecting a computer to the transmitter, it runs directly from the computer via USB connection without the need to connect to the socket.

1 receiver
1 transmitter Line-In / USB
230V to 9V
USB cable
RCA / Jack
RCA Adapter / Jack
2 x 1.5 V AAA
User's Guide

transmission frequency
Transmitter with Line-In and USB inputs
Receivers are integrated into the headset into 8 channels
Automatic source scanning
Maximum distance of unobstructed reception up to 30 meters Frequency range: 2400-2483.5MHz