Payment options

Cash on delivery

Your order will be delivered to the post's delivery point. Delivery takes place when all of your ordered items are in stock. Shipping will be added to all postage orders with currently 211 kr including VAT (includes postage fee). For orders comprising more than one package, shipping costs are included with 119 kr including VAT per package. Max weight per package is 20 kg.

NOTE! Delivery is only made in Sweden.

Bank transfer

Enter the order number you receive in the mail after the confirmation. The order will be sent as soon as the amount has been transferred clearly (1-2 business days depended on the bank). Has the consumer paid in advance and wants to cancel the purchase due to A delayed delivery will return the money back within 20 days.


When paying via invoice, we cooperate with Svea Ekonomi AB. To trade an invoice, you must enter your social security number or organization number. The prerequisite for being able to trade against invoice is
among other things, you are registered in the National Register of Records in Sweden and are over 18 years old. You may not have any payment remarks. All invoices are transferred from Swedishdigital to Svea Ekonomi AB.
The invoice's payment terms are 10 days. In the case of late payment, the agreement will be terminated as well as statutory reminder fee. Delay interest rate is 2% per month. In the event of non-payment, the invoice is handed over to the debt collector.

NOTE! Delivery is only made in Sweden.

Part payment

Svea Ekonomi AB offers you to sign an account credit agreement following the approved credit check that takes place after you have entered your personal information at the checkout under the terms of the general terms and conditions of the attached account agreement. An account agreement means that you get a credit that you can use to purchase from Svea affiliated suppliers. For each occasion you pay to Svea, you can allocate the corresponding credit space that you amortize for other purchases during the period of the credit agreement. The credit offer applies to the amount specified in the account agreement. You choose the credit period by ticking the option that suits you best. You undertake to refund the entire credit within the credit period. This means that you have to pay at least the sum of the choices you made each month. Obvious
can you pay more or pay the entire credit at once without this costing anything extra. If you want to make use of the credit card during the credit period for other purchases, the minimum monthly payment will be raised - for the credit to be finalized within the agreed credit period. The shorter the remaining credit period, the higher the minimum monthly payment. If you want to keep the same minimum monthly payment, please contact Svea on phone 08-51493113 and apply for extended credit. For computer technical reasons
Svea, if you use the credit card for multiple purchases, will continue to invoice separately for the different purchases. Of course, you will not have to pay for more than one notification fee per month. If you do not specifically inform Svea, Svea will pay you for your purchase at Swedishdigital. If you have any questions, please call 08-51493113 for more information.

Read more about the general terms and conditions at:

NOTE! Delivery is only made in Sweden.

Card Payment

We also offer you card payment, in cooperation with Sveawebpay Card Payment Service.

No information about the card number or the like is available directly at
Once you have confirmed your order and clicked "Pay now" you will be redirected to a new page where you can enter relevant information such as card number etc.

NOTE! Delivery is only made in Sweden.

NOTE You do not pay directly to us At payment options Svea Invoice was a good awaiting invoice from Svea Ekonomi AB and pay to their specified Account