Terms & Conditions

1. Delivery time

Orders received before 14:00 for stocked products are usually dispatched on the same day.
We reserve for final sales as well as stockholding with our suppliers as well as any price errors that may occur if any of our suppliers have registered, for example, a wrong price code or an incorrect number of discs in a box.
If you have a longer delivery delay, you will always be able to cancel the purchase. If so, contact Customer Service.
2. Confirmation

After that, you will receive an automatically sent email telling you that we have received your order, so you will not pay the invoice at one time without waiting for us to send order confirmation telling you exactly how much you are going to pay with regular shipping.
NOTE! Order Confirmation is the correct amount to be paid, because incorrect prices may appear on the website due to. Stock status / Exchange rate / Technical error.
Order Confirmation also speaks for your correct shipping cost, if you have ordered Parabolic / Shrinkable goods.
3. Shipping

Shipping is on all orders. The total shipping cost is calculated on invoicing of the order as it shows what the shipment weighs, if the shipment is bulky, has to be delivered on pallet or if it includes multiple packages. The basic freight is currently from 129 kr excl. VAT, for each extra package, 119 SEK excl. VAT. For postage of postage, a fee of 82 SEK incl. VAT. For goods delivered on pallet, 449 SEK will be charged ex VAT. Details of cost for other types of deliveries (eg bids) are provided by sellers as these prices vary depending on the shipping address. Goods can be retrieved from Digital Multimedia Nordic AB. For partial delivery, NOK 119 is charged plus VAT per package for the listed products.

NOTE! Shipping prices on the website do not apply abroad. The freight is calculated separately.
Customer can wait for price suggestions for shipping costs!
4. Right of withdrawal at distance contract

Consumers are in the process of making consumer protection for distance contracts, etc., in some cases entitled to withdraw a purchase by sending or sending a notice to Swedishdigital within 14 days from the date the consumer received the goods or a substantial part thereof. However, the right of withdrawal does not apply to computer programs, audio and video recordings when the seal / seal has been broken. Seal also refers to technical sealing (eg serial number). Right of withdrawal is valid only if the goods are in a substantially unchanged condition. Once you have regretted the purchase, you will receive your money back soon or no later than 30 days from receipt. The right of withdrawal is not applicable either for business or when you shop in the store. (distance and home sales teams (2005: 59) [the Riksdag])

If a consumer wishes to withdraw a right of withdrawal, it is recommended to contact Swedishdigital via:

email to: [email protected]
or by letter to
Swedish Digital
C / O Digital Nordic AB
Box 577,
175 26 Järfälla

The message shall contain the following information; name, order number, invoice number and description of the products you want to return. The returned goods must be in unused and undamaged condition in original packaging.
Return the item together with the invoice (or a copy of this, both front and back). Fill in the reason for the return on the invoice back! You must pay the returnporto yourself. Returns may not be made by post or by post.

If there is no information on open purchase on the receipt then there is no open purchase.
5. Complaint

In order to claim incorrect (see transport damage, see below), corporate customers must immediately recieve Swedish Multimedia Digital AB, but no later than 30 days from the invoice date, and return the goods in a certain way.

Customer Service receives your error notification and sends you a prepaid return label. Return the item in the condition it was received, accompanied by an error or error, and you will receive a flawless and correct item. The goods sold must be in unused and undamaged condition in original packaging.

Return the item together with the invoice (or a copy of this, both front and back). Fill in the reason for the return on the invoice back!
Returns must be returned in original packaging and well packaged in the mail-approved packaging (eg brown corrugated cardboard). Any transport damage caused by defective packaging is charged to the customer. Swedish Multimedia Digital AB reserves the right to product control of the product and to charge a test fee of 250 SEK plus VAT if the product is not incorrect and the complaint is not accepted.

6. Warranty
Warranties on the product are provided by the respective manufacturers. Swedish Multimedia Digital AB makes no further warranties other than those specified by the manufacturer.
7. Unsold goods
If we get back unpatched packages, we reserve the right to charge you for all the costs incurred in connection with such a return, for a $ 98. Payment must be made with an invoice within 10 days from the invoice date.

8. Privacy and Security

When you place your order with us, you provide your personal details such as name, address and telephone number. In case you choose to pay by credit card or installment, you must also enter your social security number. In connection with your registration and order, you agree that we store and use your information in our business to fulfill our commitment to you. We also document all the communications we have with you by phone or email, to provide the service you expect from us.

Swedishdigital will not disclose your personal information to third parties. If you would like our newsletter, we will send information and product deals to you by email. This can easily be canceled via an emergency newsletter or through contact with our Customer Service.
According to the Personal Data Act you are entitled to receive the information we have registered about you. If it is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you may request that the information be corrected or removed. If so, contact our Customer Service.
9. Law selection

Disputes under these conditions shall be settled under Swedish law.
Swedish Digital complies with the recommendations of the Consumer Agency, see: http://www.konsumentverket.se

** Note! We reserve for printing errors, internet errors, and price changes **
Liability for errors

In relation to traders
In the event of errors in Swedishdigital AB, Swedishdigital AB undertakes to remedy the defect by repair or repayment or repay the purchase price. Swedishdigital AB has the right to refer a customer directly to the respective manufacturer or to this designated service center for the corrective action. Additional rights for the customer may follow from the respective manufacturer's own end-customer warranties.
Swedish Multimedia Digital AB thus has no direct or indirect liability for, for example - incompatibility, delivery delays, harmful properties of the goods, product liability, loss of profits, breakdown of operation, loss of stored information, additional work or other financial damage. Please note that in some cases, an error can only be made by email or website.

In relation to the consumer (private person)
In the case of sales to consumers (private individuals) the following applies to the consumer purchases. Swedish Multimedia Digital AB may in case of purchase made by the consumer remedy the error or make a transfer if it can happen without undue cost or inconvenience to Swedishdigital AB. Swedish Multimedia Digital AB also has the right to rectify the error at its own expense or to re-submit. Under certain conditions, consumers have the opportunity to receive compensation for damage. Otherwise reference is made to the provisions of the Consumer Code.
Tech Support

For technical support - user support - in general or in error, Swedish Multimedia Digital AB has the right to refer the customer to the respective product manufacturers and, if applicable, to third party companies' payment support. The telephone number of the respective manufacturer / supplier is listed under Art Service / Support. Note that support may be in English for some manufacturers, in some cases, support will only be provided via e-mail and web pages.